CORE is first and foremost a research centre. Research is central to our mission and the clinical research capability of CORE sets us apart from most other research groups.

Our research is divided into three main streams; Clinical Research, Psychosocial Research and Physiological Research. Each stream is lead by one or two key research staff who are responsible for the development of the stream and for managing all the research projects within it.

Research Structure of CORE

The leaders of each stream look for and develop opportunities to link their research with other streams as well as identifying collaborative opportunities with other research groups both within and outside the university as the staff of CORE consider collaboration to be a key requirement in achieving our mission. To find out more about our current collaborations, click here.

We are currently undertaking a wide variety of research projects within each of our streams. Please visit the following pages to find out more:

Clinical Research

Psychosocial Research

Physiological Research

Summaries of all of our current research projects can be viewed here.

Education is the fourth stream around which CORE is strucutured and further information about our educational activities can be found on the Opportunities page.