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Medical Student Teaching
Monash University MD Year 4C Psychiatry

Year 4C Teaching Team

Prof Jayashri Kulkarni Department Head
Dr Sarah Rotstein Academic Coordinator for 4C Psychiatry Teaching at Alfred Health
Anne Crawford Clinical Site Administrator
Amy Laslett - part-time Administrator
Tiffany Davis - part-time Administrator

Our team’s role consists of coordinating the year 4C psychiatry teaching program at Alfred Health and, at a faculty level, curriculum review and development, and evaluation of the psychiatry teaching program across all years of the Monash MBBS/MD degree.
Psychiatry Teaching at Alfred Health

At the Alfred, our students gain a wide-ranging experience in Psychiatry through placement at a range of Alfred Health’s psychiatric services. Each student has the opportunity to attend clinical placements at the following services:  inpatient units at the Alfred Hospital, Alfred Health Community Mental Health Service clinics, Malvern Private Hospital’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Treatment program, Alfred Health’s Aged Psychiatry Department at Caulfield Hospital, Alfred Health’s CATT and the Emergency Psychiatry Service, Headspace Moorabbin and Alfred Health Consultation Liaison and Drug and Alcohol services.
As well as direct clinical experience, our teaching program includes a formal tutorial program, which utilises the extensive knowledge and teaching expertise of senior academics within Alfred Psychiatry. In 2019, we continued our full day of teaching from the Child and Youth Mental Health Service at Moorabbin, half-day teaching on cognitive assessment and capacity and intensive exam preparation tutorials including practice clinical examinations and quizzes.

Our psychiatry teaching team continues to identify opportunities to improve students’ learning experience. Student feedback and assessment indicates that these initiatives are having dramatic effects in increasing satisfaction with the course and quality of learning.

In Dec 2019, Christmas hampers and certificates were distributed to all the clinical placement sites
as a thank you from the teaching team and the students

Phenomenology Charades is an award-winning card game developed by Dr. Rotstein to assist students to learn psychiatry terminology

Image 1: In May 2019, Dr Rotstein attended the annual RANZCP Congress, where she presented an oral presentation and a poster on her research into medical student stigma.
Image 2: In Dec 2019, Christmas hampers and certificates were distributed to all the clinical placement sites  as a thank you from the teaching team and the students.

Monash University MD Year 5D Psychiatry Selective

Year 5 Teaching Team

Prof Jayashri Kulkarni Clinical Supervisor  
Aileen McInerney Administrative Officer

Monash University Year 5D MBBS medical students are required to complete a specialty clinical placement. The aim of this placement is to broaden their knowledge and skills in areas of clinical practice of their own choosing in a six-week clinical placement.
Students who nominate to undertake a Year 5D Psychiatry Specialty or Selective at the Alfred Hospital have their time split between shadowing Professor Kulkarni at her clinical work (at the MAPrc Women’s Mental Health Clinic), and supervision, under a psychiatrist and registrar, on one of the Alfred Hospital Psychiatry Inpatient Units.
Under Prof. Kulkarni’s supervision the students give a weekly case presentation, attend the Women’s Mental Health team weekly case meeting and assist the team by following up pathology test results and writing notes.

Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)

The Monash University Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) is a twelve-month degree programme for MBBS students and graduates. The program introduces students to research practice in a research setting with Australian and internationally recognised researchers. The students learn skills relating to data analysis and the communication of scientific ideas via oral presentations and a written thesis. The Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) program offers candidates a range of projects across an array of research streams, matching student interests to projects respectively.

MAPrc offers BMedSci students a broad array of research projects to choose from.