About us

The Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health (ECIMH) is a world-leading clinical research centre in the development of brain stimulation and other innovative treatment technologies.  ECIMH is comprised of a team of internationally recognised, diverse and inspirational researchers in the fields of brain stimulation and neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology and neuropsychology. ECIMH is a joint Monash University and Epworth HealthCare centre; an integral part of Monash University’s Central Clinical School Department of Psychiatry, and Epworth’s mental health service, Epworth Clinic.

2021 ECIMH team
2021 ECIMH team

Our Vision

To revolutionise mental health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform outcomes for people with disorders of mental health and brain function by developing, advancing and translating brain stimulation and other innovative therapies.

Our Aim

Our research harnesses neuroscience technology to develop a new era of mental health treatment options. ECIMH aims to:

  • Conduct research of internationally outstanding quality focused on improving clinically relevant outcomes.
  • Conduct research relevant to and impacting on the clinical services of Epworth.
  • Provide outstanding training and mentoring.
  • Be the leading national centre for therapeutic brain stimulation research, education and clinical development.

The core focus of our research is to help people with illnesses where there can be really limited treatment options. We are working to ensure there is always something else to try; there is always hope. - Professor Kate Hoy

Participate in our research

Up to date information on some of our currently recruiting trials can be found at the links below

Are you interested in contributing to our research?

To participate in our research and clinical trials: mentalhealthresearch@epworth.org.au

To support our research program with a donation:
Epworth Medical Foundation annie.chester@epworth.org.au

Our Location
Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health Ground Floor,
888 Toorak Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124
Phone 03 9805 4287
Fax 03 9805 4188
Email: mentalhealthresearch@epworth.org.au