Transcranial magnetic stimulation course

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The Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health offers the Online TMS for Depression Clinical Certification Course, a comprehensive training course in the clinical provision of TMS. This online program is designed and delivered by Professor Paul Fitzgerald and his internationally recognised team of clinicians and researchers at ECIMH.

The course offers video lectures by leading experts, current academic and clinical resources, and practical skill certification in TMS treatment provision and/or the conduct of resting motor thresholds. Both a Theory only, and a Theory + Practical Skill Certification course are offered. Courses can be commenced at any time, and completed at the clinician's own pace.

Topics that are covered include:

  • Introduction to TMS
  • Treatment of Major Depression: Evidence base
  • Patient Selection
  • Maintenance and Repeat Treatment
  • Treatment of other disorders
  • Practical Issues in TMS Use/TMS Equipment and Regulation
  • Management of Side Effects/TMS Safety Considerations
  • RMT Determination
  • Provision of TMS Treatment
  • Video-Based Online Assessment of RMT and/or TMS Treatment Provision Skills

What else can you expect?

  • Course participants will also be offered the opportunity to attend a live online group Q&A session with Prof Fitzgerald.
  • Online practical skill assessment of TMS treatment provision and/or the conduct of resting motor thresholds.
  • Face-to-face assessments can be arranged for group bookings on site in Camberwell, Victoria if preferred to the online assessment.
  • Individuals without access to TMS equipment can nominate to be placed on a list to be informed when a session has been scheduled that they can join.

More information is available at:

Phone: (03) 9805 4287 or email:

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