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2016 EMCR committee

2016 Committee members.  L-R: Dr Haloom Rafehi (EMCR Co-Secretary, Baker IDI), Dr Karen Alt (ACBD), Dr Julia Gilmartin (SPHPM), Dr Thomas Angelovich (Burnet), Ms Riya Palchaudhuri (Burnet), Dr Leah Kivivali (SPHPM), Dr Nupur Nag (SPHPM), Dr Lachlan Gray (EMCR Chair, Burnet/CCS Infectious Diseases), Dr Jade Bilardi (MSHC), Dr Thomas Bonnard (ACBD), Ms Jessica Anania (Burnet), Dr Ollie Black (SPHPM)
Absent: Dr Eric Chow (MSHC), Dr Jennifer Pilgrim (VIFM), Dr Laura Anderson (VIFM), Dr Carolina Weller (SPHPM), Dr Sarah Charnaud (Burnet), Dr Justin Chen (EMCR Treasurer, Baker IDI), Ms Emma Gearon (Baker IDI), Dr Caroline Gurvich (MAPRc), Dr Irene Bobevski (SPHPM), Dr Jessica Morison (EMCR Co-Secretary, SPHPM), Ms Tope Adepoyibi (Burnet)

About Us

The Early-Mid Career Researchers (EMCR) committee aims to promote scientific exchange and oversee the professional development of early-mid career post docs and PhD students at the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) site, within Monash University's Central Clinical School (CCS) and the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (SPHPM), the Burnet Institute and the Baker Institute. Our goal is to represent the interests of EMCRs at the highest levels to ensure their involvement in decision making and key processes. We facilitate a number of initiatives, see detail below. Committee member contact details and minutes of meetings are maintained on the CCS Intranet, or alternatively you can contact us.

EMCR Committee Meetings

The EMCR committee meets monthly to discuss ways to improve and promote professional development for EMCRs employed throughout AMREP. From July 2012, minutes are housed on the ECR page in the CCS Intranet. Monash authcate holders and postgraduate students have access: https://sites.google.com/a/monash.edu/ccsintranet/ecr

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