Mentorship program


As an extension of the EMCR Professional Development Seminars, the EMCR committee offers fellow early-mid career researchers the opportunity to obtain professional mentoring with selected leaders in relevant areas of research.  Mentors can be at any stage of their careers (A to E) and be basic scientists or clinician scientists.  This 12 month program includes mentors and mentees across AMREP including the CCS, SPHPM, Baker IDI, Burnet Institute and Alfred Hospital, whereby early career researchers are paired with a mentor to discuss career planning. Mentors and mentees meet each month to discuss topics such as grant writing, fellowships and career disruptions.  The EMCR committee mentorship team has been running this highly successful program since 2010. The program is the flagship for EMCR mentorship programs in the Medical Faculty at Monash and it is a component of career advancement at Monash and in various fellowship schemes.

The objective of the mentoring program is to give EMCRs the opportunity  of interacting with a senior person outside their immediate area of work  who, through many years of experience, can provide them with guidance  in important aspects of research career development. These may include  applying for fellowships and grants, writing manuscripts, applying for  promotions etc.; however the mentee may also seek the mentor’s guidance  on other specific aspects of their career that need further development.  Please refer below for further information on various aspects of AMREP EMCR Mentorship program:

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