A+ EMCR Best Paper Awards

Since 2015, the EMCR Committee has been running the EMCR Best Paper Awards to honour the outstanding early and mid-career researchers who have published in the area of Biomedical Research, Clinical Research, and Public Health. Thank you to all that have engaged in this program, we have seen some fantastic papers.

2020 A+ EMCR Best Paper Awards

In 2020, the A+ EMCR Committee will award six papers the title of A+ EMCR Best Paper to honour the outstanding research that is being done by early and midcareer researchers within A+.

In addition, in 2020 we are introducing a new “People’s Choice” award that will receive the honorary title of A+ EMCR People’s Choice.

  • 2020 A+ EMCR Biomedical Research Best Paper Award (3 awards)
  • 2020 A+ EMCR Public Health/Clinical Research Best Paper Award (3 awards)
  • 2020 A+ People’s Choice Award (1 award)

We encourage all EMCRs to submit their best paper published in 2019 (including Epub online publication) for the 2020 A+ EMCR Best Paper Award. The EMCR must be listed as the first author or last author on the nominated paper. A paper cannot be submitted for the award more than once.

Publications assessment criteria

  1. Journal quality (quartile ranking within subject category, i.e. Q1-Q4)
  2. Originality of research
  3. Applicant’s contribution to research and article
  4. Potential for research impact and significance

Closing date: 5 pm Wednesday 30 September 2020
(late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered)

See more: guidelines and eligibility and application.


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