AMREP EMCR Conference

2016 Conference

The 2016 AMREP EMCR Conference was successfully held on 4th October 2016 in the AMREP Lecture Theatre. It provided an excellent opportunity for professional development and promoted collaborations and networking across the precinct. See here for more information

2013 conference

The ECR held a highly successful conference on 26 August 2013.


Winners in the various categories of the 2013 conference:

Present to your Mother/Father

  • 1st: Shanzana Khan (BakerIDI)
  • 2nd: Neil Bailey (Monash CCS)

Data Blitz

  • 1st: Andrew Carey (BakerIDI/Monash)i
  • 2nd: Kerryn Moore (Burnet)

Free Presentation

  • 1st: Elisha Horat (Burnet)
  • 2nd: Bethany Howard (BakerIDI/Monash)
  • 3rd: Megan Lim (Burnet/Monash) - Commendation award

Poster Presentation

  • 1st: Imala Alwis (Monash CCS)
  • 2nd: Sarah Heywood (BakerIDI)
  • 3rd: Katherine Ververis (BakerIDI)
  • 4th: Maria Demaria (Monash CCS)

Door prize/Question prizes

  • Door Prize: Bethany Howard (BakerIDI/Monash)
  • Question Prize: Andrew Siebel (BakerIDI)
  • Question Prize: Martin Pal (BakerIDI)