Social events at AMREP

Judge and finalist at the 2012 MIASMA Halloween party. L-R: The winner, PhD student Indzi Katik (Immunology), as a Smurfette, awarded first prize by Judge Dr Jane Arthur (ACBD).


Established in 2010, MIASMA (Monash; Immunology, ACBD, Surgery and Medicine at the Alfred) is the social committee serving all staff and students from Monash’s Central Clinical School (CCS) and School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (SPHPM).  The contact email for MIASMA is

Committee elections take place on an annual basis and are open to all staff and students of CCS and SPHPM, including those with joint appointment through the Baker IDI or Burnet Institute.  The committee meets once a month and is responsible for organising a number of major social events throughout the year.

MIASMA welcomes enthusiastic and social staff and students to join the committee and become involved.  More information on upcoming MIASMA events can be found on the Calendar below.

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Committee members 2011/2012

Executive Committee

  • Chairperson:  Damien Saulep-Easton (Immunology)
  • Secretary:  Emily Nicholls (ACBD)
  • Deputy Secretary: Maria DeMaria (Immunology)
  • Treasurer:  Aislin Meehan (Medicine)

General Committee

  • Kai Lee (Medicine)
  • Pauline Zardo (SPHPM)
  • Cindy Lin (ACBD)
  • David Bark Jr. (ACBD)

Calendar of Major Events & Monthly CFA drinks

See CCS Events calendar for details.

3 Feb Monthly CFA drinks CLICK HERE to RSVP
2 March Monthly CFA drinks CLICK HERE to RSVP
5 April Easter morning tea. Download flier 
4 May Monthly CFA drinks CLICK HERE to RSVP
1 June Monthly CFA drinks CLICK HERE to RSVP
25 July AMREP Trivia Night
26 October Halloween Costume Party CLICK HERE to RSVP
6 November Melbourne Cup Sweeps Afternoon Tea
13 December Christmas in the Park CLICK HERE to RSVP