The Lung Transplant Research Team (L-R: Prof Franklin Rosenfeldt, Dr Glen Westall, A/Prof Bronwyn Levvey, Prof Greg Snell and senior perfusion specialists Mark Mennen and Robin McEgan) evaluates the function of genetically modified pig lungs perfused with human blood using the specially designed ex vivo perfusion rig.

The Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred has a very active clinical and biomedical research focus with considerable success in competitive NH&MRC, ARC, Cooperative Research Centre and other research grant funding. Below are listed Category 1-4 grants. The research is highly collaborative, with other Monash Departments, independent research institutes and clinical services, in particular Alfred Health. See the Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred grants below:

For all CCS grants see CCS Grants.

Current grants

Chief Investigator Grant title Grant agency Grant type Start year End yearTotal
Corte T
Knight D
Laurent G
Holland A
Chambers D
Moodley Y
Walters E
Westall G
Glaspole I
Palmer A
Centre for Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence 2017 2020 Sydney/AIRMed $2,500,000
O’Hehir R
Prickett S
Rolland J
Commercialisation of PVX108 Medical Research Commercialisation Fund Tranche 3   2017 2018 AIRMed $950,000
Holland A
Cox N
Physical Activity, Exercise, sport and Recreation Promotion for Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis Cystic Fibrosis Trust (UK) Strategic Research Centre Grant 2016 2020 University of Exeter/AIRMed
Chambers D
Westall G
Snell G
Levvey B
Conquering the final frontier in lung transplantation – Mesenchymal stromal cell therapy for chronic lung allograft dysfunction NHMRC Project 2016 2020 Queensland/AIRmed
Knight D
Westall G
Fibroblast Senescence as a driver of pulmonary fibrosis NHMRC Project 2016 2019 Newscastle/AIRMed
Holland A Telerehabilitation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease NHMRC Project 2016 2019 LaTrobe/AIRMed
Stewart A
Wilson M
Lee P
Hollenberg L
Simpson D
Westall G
Wilson N
Transforming drug screening technology ARC Project 2016 2019 Melbourne/AIRMed
O’Hehir R Phase I/IIa trials of a novel T-cell epitope-based peptide therapy for peanut allergy NHMRC Project 2016 2018 Monash/AIRMed
Gibson P
McDonald V
Wark P
King G
Thompson B
Reddel H 
Upham J
Smith L
James A        
National Clinical Centre of Research Excellence in Severe Asthma NHMRC Project 2015 2019 Newcastle/AIRMed
Purcell A
Mifsud N
Kotsimbos T
The role of cross-reactive T cells in severe lung disease following viral respiratory infections NHMRC Project 2015 2018 Monash/AIRMed
Fouras A
Sheard GJ
Thompson  BR
Hybrid Imaging/Modelling: Unlocking our understanding of the lung ARC Discovery 2015 2018 Monash/AIRMed
Hogarth M
Wines B
Grimbaldestone M
O’Hehir RE
Structure and Function of Human Fc Receptors NHMRC Project 2015 2017 Monash/AIRMed

Completed grants

Chief Investigator Grant title Grant agency Grant type Start year End yearTotal
Abramson M Occupational and Environmental Exposures Associated with idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in Australia NHMRC Project 2016 2016 Monash/AIRMed
Westall G I-bodies as biomarkers for Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) AdAlta Project 2016 2016 LaTrobe/AIRMed
George J
Abramson M 
Zwar N
Russell G
Holland A
Bonevski B 
Mahal A
An interdisciplinary model of care for early detection of lung damage, smoking cessation support, and a home‐based exercise / self management
NHMRC Partnership 2014 2016 Monash/AIRMed $441,491
Wilson, J
Kotsimbos, T
Mitchell, L
Allen-Graham, J
Armani, R
Herriot, N
Smith, J
Waxman, B
Levinson, M
Young, A
Langton, D
Evaluation of the benefit of the PCEHR NeHTA Project 2014 2015 Monash/AIRMed
Westall G
Glaspole I
Establishment of human interstitial disease (ILD) tissue bank CSL Project 2013 2016 AIRMed
Sands S Reducing ventilatory instability and sleep apnea in patients with heart failure NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship 2013 2016 Monash/AIRMed
De Kretser D
Dwyer K
Kotsimbos T
Snell G
Hedger M
O’Hehir RE
Activin A and follistatin are potential key regulators of organ transplant dysfunction and graft survival NHMRC Project 2013 2015 Monash/AIRMed
O’Hehir, RE
Rolland, JM
Prickett, S
Novel peanut allergy vaccine with translation to phase 0/1 clinical trial Alfred Trust Project 2012 2014 AIRMed
Alison, J
McDonald, C
Jenkins, S
Holland, A
Hill, K
Morris, N
A randomised controlled trial of supplemental oxygen versus medical air in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Supplemental Oxygen in Pulmonary
Rehabilitation Trial (SuppORT)
NHMRC Project 2012 2014 University of Sydney/AIRMed
Zimmet, P
Shaw, J
Naughton, M
Schlaich, M
Kaye, DM
Dixon, J
Addressing the Growing Burden of Sleep Apnea- A Screening Pathway BUPA Health Foundation 2012 2014 Baker IDI /AIRMed
Berger, P
Hamilton, G
Naughton, M
Edwards, B
Sands, S
Cooke, J
Treatment of sleep disordered breathing in patients with heart failure NHMRC Development 2012 2014 MIMR/AIRMed
O'Hehir, R
Rolland, J
Hardy, C
Impaired respiratory tolerance In obesity - the link with asthma? NHMRC Project 2012 2014 AIRMed/Imm
Meeusen, E
O'Hehir, RE
Designing new generation adjuvants for allergy and parasite vaccines ARC Project 2012 2014 Physiology/AIRMed $315,000