Publications 2008-2009:

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Manuscripts in the press:

PJ McMurrick, AL Polglase, P Simpson, M Staples, CE Koh Randomised comparison of protocols of equipment management and cleaning for rigid sigmoidoscopy. ANZ Journal of Surgery

EJ Andrews, KCR Farmer. Colorectal Diseases Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) repair of recto urethral fistula after High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) resection of prostate cancer.

Manuscripts submitted:

SW Bell, K Marwan et al Abdominoperineal resection rates in Victoria in 2007. A contemporary audit of rates of restoration of bowel continuity in the surgical treatment of rectal cancer.

EJ Andrews, R Wale, KCR Farmer, SW Bell, P Carne, M Chin, PJ McMurrick, AL Polglase. Specialist management of anal fistulae.

EJ Andrews, PJ McMurrick, AL Polglase. Scoring systems for prediction of mortality in patients with colorectal cancer: a review.

Manuscripts in preparation:

PJ McMurrick, EJ Andrews, AL Polglase, K Binns. Management of anal fissures

AL Polglase, J McDonald, J Hayman Intention to screen for bowel cancer among hospital employees - Cabrini “Bowel Cancer Free Zone”

PJ McMurrick, EJ Andrews, C Reid, AL Polglase, SW Bell, P Carne, A Meehan, A Bennett, N Andrianopoulos.External Validation of the ACPGBI Mortality Risk Stratification Model.

SW Bell, C Wakeman et al Lymph node yield in rectal cancer resection. A prospective trial of Patente blue V dye to increase lymph node yield.