The Cabrini Monash University Department of Surgery remains committed to clinical research. Investigation of bowel disorders is of high priority and the department is currently involved in a number of research projects which are likely to produce useful results that could conceivably help to reduce the incidence of serious bowel disease.

Current  research projects:

  1. Cabrini Monash Colorectal Cancer Registry PJ McMurrick, SW Bell, P Carne, S Woods, AL Polglase, KCR Farmer. Click here to view the project website (requires Monash Authcate access).
  2. Colorectal surgery training: An assessment of “Component Training”. SW Bell
  3. Multicentre randomized controlled trial of laparoscopic suture vs. mesh repair of large hiatus hernia.S Woods, J Chong
  4. Mechanisms of metastases in colorectal cancer. L Lipton, AL Polglase, PJ McMurrick, O Sieber, G Richardson, I Haines, J Shapiro, P Gibbs P Carne, W Downey, SW Bell, KCR Farmer.
  5. Parastomal hernias: use of biologic mesh repair. EJ Andrews, P Carne, F   Frizzelle
  6. Novel biomarkers in colorectal cancer. PJ McMurrick, EJ Andrews
  7. Primary human xenografting of colorectal cancer. PJ McMurrick, EJ Andrews, N Watkins