Short course: Surgical Research Essentials (SuRE)

We are adapting this course for online delivery and it is anticipated to be on offer later in 2023.
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Video (3:39min) outlining the SuRE course

We are adapting the course for online delivery and it is anticipated to be on offer later in 2023.
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Surgical Research Essentials

A good understanding of surgical research is an essential part of being a surgeon. Good quality research and the ability to apply it clinically is the cornerstone in evidence-based practice. In training the surgeons of the future, compulsory research requirements have now been incorporated into every surgical training program. Not only that, research experience and output have become one of the differentiators in many job and training position applications.

Even if being an active researcher does not become part of your surgical career, a sound working knowledge of the ins and outs of research is essential. There is no better way to understand evidence-based surgery than to be involved in a few research projects.

Despite these expectations on aspiring surgeons to participate in research, there has been a paucity of structured teaching in basic research knowledge and skills with a surgical focus. This seems to be true both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This Monash University short course has been developed to fill this void.

This course aims to introduce you to a variety of study designs that are most relevant to surgical research.You will also learn practical skills in conducting a surgical research project. We hope to deliver a course that is both interesting and challenging, thus provide a foundation for you to build on, all through a casual learning environment.

Mr James Lee

James Lee

James is the course director. He is a general surgeon from the Monash University Endocrine Surgery Unit at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. After completing surgical training, James undertook further subspecialty training in Endocrine Surgery both at Austin Health in Melbourne, and as the T.S. Reeve Fellow at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Following the clinical fellowships, James undertook full-time research work at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, culminating in the award of his PhD by the University of Sydney. His PhD thesis made significant contributions to the current understanding of the role of tumour and circulating miRNA biomarkers, specifically, in the recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer.

At present, through his appointments as Senior Lecturer at Monash University, and as the Younger Fellows Representative on the RACS Section of Academic Surgery Committee, James continues to pursue his interests in academic surgery and surgical education alongside his clinical practice.



Previous participants say:

"Understanding research, let alone undertaking my own project, always seemed like a daunting task. I was uncertain where to begin and what techniques and methods I should be using. This engaging course covers practical measures that make the process of research easier to understand. A wide variety of topics, from study design to organising and analysing data, are succinctly summarised and delivered in in a relaxed, informal manner that encourages participation."

"Through his course, Mr James Lee and his team have empowered me. I now have the tools and confidence to undertake my own project and succeed, and would highly recommend this course."

"Very well presented. I liked how the talk had a clinical focus. Concepts I previously found challenging were explained really well & clearly. Right amount of revision of basics & also good cover of new material which were also explained in terms of applying to a paper."

"Excellent speakers, enthusiastic sessions, well-tailored to specific needs within the group"

"Thoroughly enjoyed, found it extremely relevant and makes me look forward to commencing surgical research"