Laboratory Placements

CCS offers laboratory placements for undergraduate medical students. The placement activities are designed to enable student exposure to routine standard operational procedures in a laboratory. This is a great way to explore and gain an insight into the current medical research. Kindly go through the laboratory details below.

Those who are interested please register your interest here (Registration form). For any queries, please contact Sharmila Ramesh.

Department/InstituteLaboratory Lab Head
Australian Centre for Blood Diseases Red CellsProf Stephen Jane
Vascular Biology Prof Harshal Nandurkar
Molecular Neurotrauma and HaemostasisProf Robert Medcalf
MyelomaProf Andrew Spencer
LeukaemiaA/Prof Matthew McCormack
Acute LeukaemiaDr Ross Dickins
Leukaemia Translational Research GroupA/Prof Andrew Wei
NanobiotechnologyDr Christoph Hagemeyer
Mammalian Functional GeneticsA/Prof Jody Haigh
Stem Cell BiologyDr Cedric Tremblay
Platelets & ThrombosisDr Justin Hamilton
Burnet HIV NeuropathogenesisA/Prof Melissa Churchill
HIV Immunometabolism and Inflammatory Disease LaboratoryDr Clovis Palmer
Diabetes Atherosclerosis A/Prof Terri Allen
Pathophysiology of Diabetic ComplicationsDr Zhong-Lin Chai
Mitochondrial health and advanced glycation end productsA/Prof Melinda Coughlan
Clinical and Molecular EpigeneticsProf Sam El-Osta
Diabetes and Kidney DiseaseProf Karin Jandeleit-Dahm
MicroRNADr Phillip Kantharidis
Biochemistry of Diabetes ComplicationsProf Merlin Thomas
Diabetic retinopathyProf Jenny Wilkinson-Berka
Diabetes epidemiologyProf Paul Zimmet
Gasteroenterology NutritionDr Jane Muir
Immunology Immune MemoryProf David Tarlinton
Leukocyte SignalingA/Prof Margaret Hibbs
Infectious Diseases Hospital Epidemiology: Hospital Accquired Bacterial PathogensProf Anton Peleg
Fungal diagnostics,  evaluation of immune function post bone marrow transplantation, determination of immune response to fungus in the airways of lung transplant recipients and virulence of AspergillusDr Orla Morrissey
MAPRc Mental health researchDr Caroline Gurvich
Biological aspects of psychiatryProf Paul Fitzgerald
Medicine Stem cell therapies for brain disordersDr Steven Petratos
Surgery Trauma ServicesProf Mark Fitzgerald