What is Clinical Research and Translational Medicine?

A translational approach to medicine addresses the complex global challenges of finding solutions to human diseases. It encompasses a breadth of disciplines, using cutting-edge technologies and facilities, and engages closely with the industry to address unmet medical needs.

Translational medicine translates knowledge from fundamental research findings via clinical trials into patient-driven outcomes.

Clinical Research and Translational Medicine courses train scientists and clinicians, enabling them to confidently manage both scientific and clinical disciplines and further develop their careers.

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Human Diseases

Human diseases may be caused by infectious organisms from the external world or by internal physiological dysfunctions that may have a genetic basis, or be triggered by environmental or lifestyle choices. Medical research seeks to understand human diseases by identify the causes, the mechanisms of progression, and potential approaches to intervention.

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Innovation and Discovery

Creativity and scientific rigor are at the heart of biomedical discovery and innovation.  The co-location and close alignment of our hospitals and medical research laboratories, with integrated teams of international leaders, fosters a dynamic and innovative approach to medical research and discovery.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are central to the advancement of patient care. They are research investigations established to test new interventions, medicines and medical devices for the prevention, detection, treatment or improved management, of medical conditions.