VACRO Fourm - The Legal System and Me

Neighbourhood Justice Centre

15 May 2008

2pm - 4.15pm

VACRO are hosting a panel session to explore the impact of the existing criminal justice system as a part of the Law Week 2008 festivities. This session, entitled “The Legal System and Me”, provides a platform for non-legal people to discuss their experiences and share their views on the criminal justice system as they have experienced it. The outcome for this panel is to highlight the varying understandings of the criminal justice system and its effect on the various participants who can often go unnoticed. The panel will be chaired by Charlotte Stockwell, CEO, Magistrates’ Court and will include an ex-offender, a family member, a victim, a Link Out Case Manager from VACRO and a Client Services Manager from the Neighbourhood Justice Centre. For further information on this session please contact VACRO on 03 9602 1366 or email