An Examination of the Impact of Unpaid Infringement Notices on Disadvantaged Groups and the Criminal Justice System

Towards a Best Practice Model

Chief Investigators

Dr. Bernadette Saunders, Dr. Anna Eriksson, A/Prof. Gaye Lansdell, Ms. Meredith Brown

The Project

Our research sought to establish the profile of groups affected by unpaid infringements, their experiences of the framework for unpaid infringements, and the experiences of those who work with them. While there have been positive changes in the Victorian legal landscape to minimise the possibility of disadvantaged people becoming unfairly drawn into the infringements system, this is the first Victorian study to reflect on the impact of those changes.  

In particular, the research aimed to: investigate the impacts of the infringements system on disadvantaged groups; identify key areas for law reform to provide better outcomes for disadvantaged groups; and promote positive change to the Victorian legal environment, reducing the time and resources spent on dealing with unpaid infringements. The researchers have arrived at 24 recommendations emanating from the research findings and these are detailed in the final report for the project.

The Final Report for the project was launced on 28 February 2013.