The CJRC functions as a semi-virtual network of participants from a number of faculties of Monash University. The CJRC operates collegially, addressing its objectives by facilitating interaction internally and externally. It will support and enhance criminal justice-related research activities across the university, without disenfranchising existing programs or diminishing the autonomy of researchers.

The CJRC is currently led by an Executive Committee comprised of representatives from each faculty of Monash University represented in the CJRC membership base. The Executive Committee has established an Advisory Committee, whose membership inlcudes representatives from interested government and non-government organisations at both the state and federal level.

Participants will benefit from project officer support and capacity building activities. These will provide new opportunities for internal and external cross-disciplinary collaboration, improve engagement of government and other policy-makers with research activities at Monash, and generate momentum through the identification of common research themes, the propagation of novel ideas and engagement with the current policy agenda.