CJRC Advisory Committee

The activities of the CJRC are overseen by an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee comprises the Executive Committee as well as representatives from various government departments and interested non-goverment agencies.

Name Organisation
 Honourable John Coldrey Chair of the Advisory Committee, Former Justice of the Supreme Court
 Ms. Helen Casey Corrections Victoria (DoJ)
 Ms. Kathryn Anderson Department of Human Services
 Dr. John Chesterman Office of the Public Advocate
 Mr. Stephen Farrow Sentencing Advisory Council
 Dr. Karen Gelb Sentencing Advisory Council
 Ms. Carol Nikakis VACRO
 Ms. Alison Creighton Victoria Police
 Ms. Katrina Wong Youth Law
 Professor Chris Trotter CJRC Executive Committee
 Dr. Anna Eriksson CJRC Executive Committee 
 Associcate Professor Kathy Laster CJRC Executive Committee 
 Dr. David Baker CJRC Executive Committee
 Dr. David Zyngier CJRC Executive Committee
 Associate Professor David Taniar CJRC Executive Committee
 Professor Mairead Dolan CJRC Executive Committee