Progression and assessment

Page Last Updated 26 Aug 2021 1:26pm

We’re adapting how we deliver our courses during COVID-19 to support your progression and assessment through your course.

All students enrolled in units where practical face-to-face clinical learning is part of the usual curriculum have been supported with alternative ways to learn where possible. We have prepared online and video learning, and adapted pathways throughout your course. For example, there will be catch up intensives later in the year and early in 2021, and there have been changes to the content delivered in Semester 1 compared to Semester 2.

For MNHS students outside Victoria

If you're currently based interstate or overseas and unable to return to campus due to travel restrictions or personal circumstances during Semester 1 or 2, we'll continue to support you by providing flexible study options.

If your units include face-to-face or hands-on clinical learning, we'll continue to deliver as much of the learning and assessment as we can in different ways online and run on-site activities where it is essential to do so. For those of you impacted by border closures, we've also extended the teaching year so that we can hold intensive catch-ups for when you can return to campus.

Your unit and course coordinators will keep you informed of specific changes in your course.

We want to emphasise that you will not fail a unit or course if you miss out on hands-on learning while you cannot join us on-site. In some cases, you might have to make up practicum after the semester is completed, for example to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for registration.

If needed, we’ll give you a “withheld” mark at the end of semester to be updated after you complete the requirements for the unit – and we’ll give you the time that’s needed to do that.

Although we can delay providing you a mark, we may not be able to allow you to progress to your next unit until that practicum is completed. Most of our health courses are designed to prepare you to become a registered and/or professionally accredited practitioner. This means that many of you have clinical learning experiences that must be completed face-to-face.

It's important to stay in contact with your Unit and Course Coordinators who are sharing discipline-specific information with you directly. Our programs have varying levels of flexibility due to varied accreditation requirements, and your educators will let you know which aspects of your studies are mandatory.

If you’re not sure we’re to go for help, please contact us at so that we can connect you with someone who can help.