Education for all

Your donation will help develop promising students into the next generation of outstanding medical professionals: giving them the opportunity to thrive regardless of their circumstance.

We share a deep commitment to inclusive education, meaning that irrespective of gender, social or economic background, everybody should have the opportunity to succeed.

Our diverse pathways and scholarships give outstanding students from diverse backgrounds and disadvantaged communities the chance to study a Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences degree. A degree that is a stepping-stone to becoming a leader and change the world.

Meet some of the talented scholarship recipients studying in our faculty, and learn what has motivated them to pursue careers in health.


Growing up in remote and indigenous communities, Satya Hallewas was aware from a young age of the troubling disparity in the quality of healthcare provided between metropolitan and regional Australia.

Moving 37 times throughout her young life, Satya maintained her passion for study and is now able to complete her Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine thanks to a scholarship. Read more about the Growing Indigenous Graduates scholarship program.

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, ever since I can remember it’s been a real passion of mine…This scholarship has meant that I can be the kind of person I want to be.”
- Satya Hallewas


When Samantha Taylor finished high school in regional Victoria, she knew moving closer to Monash to study physiotherapy would be expensive.

A scholarship from Monash, however, changed everything.

“This scholarship has enabled me to immerse myself in the Monash community. It allowed me to move out of home, into a place where I have a great sense of belonging.”
- Samantha Taylor


When single mum Shani Hodges’ father passed away, she was left to support her mother and two young sons on her own.

Shani saw the impact health care workers have on families and was inspired to pursue an education in occupational therapy.

“I feel furthering my education provides a positive role model to my children and displays that through hard work, anything is achievable.”
- Shani Hodges