Global solutions

With the help of generous donations, we can take Monash’s international research further faster, to solve the biggest health care challenges facing our region, and the world.

Every research project we undertake is driven by one desire: to change outcomes for patients globally. Allied to international public health programs, Monash teams are improving the quality and longevity of life on a global scale. From tackling universal public health challenges such as obesity, to creating prosthetics suitable for children, your gift contributes to solving today’s biggest problems.

Our research into neurology of addiction and approach to mental health conditions like compulsive behaviours are gaining attention worldwide. Our recently established BrainPark research facility provides an immersive environment to test the benefits of mindfulness, exercise and virtual reality simulation for conquering compulsions.

Such endeavours are only made possible by bringing together brilliant researchers and generous donors with a shared passion for pursuing a common mission. At Monash, we create an inclusive, engaging environment in which we can work together to pursue global solutions.

BrainPark – The David W Turner Research Centre was established through a cornerstone donation of $2.2 million from The David Winston Turner Endowment Fund. The clinic develops novel, evidence-based treatments for compulsive behaviours.

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