Clinical fieldwork supervision

Clinical / fieldwork supervision

There are many demands associated with running a clinical/fieldwork practice or hospital-based department. The additional responsibility of supervising a student can be both challenging and rewarding. The self-paced online modules have been developed to assist you with ways to provide a positive learning environment in which to share knowledge and skills with your student. Using this information will help you meet the demands of your practice and the needs of your student in an efficient and professional manner.

The modules contain different kinds of activities that will help you understand the information and relate it to your own context:

  • Reflections, which are designed for you to think deeply and consolidate your learning.
  • Activities, which are designed for you to have discussions, write checklists, make notes or prepare documents for your students.
  • Scenarios, which present you with a variety of scenarios you may encounter, how you can approach them, and what the outcomes of that approach may be.

The self-paced online modules are provided to guide your thinking; however, it is important to remember that with such concepts such as communication, teaching and providing feedback there is often no single correct way to manage a particular situation. There are however a range of different ways that may be utilised depending on the situation.