Educational Psychology & Inclusive Education

In August 2020 we focused on MARC members from Educational Psychology & Inclusive Education (EPIE).

The Educational Psychology & Inclusive Education (EPIE) academic community is based in the Faculty of Education. Academics at EPIE have research interests including; improving the educational experience of all students, teaching best-practise, teacher and student mental health and, increasing teacher and student engagement to name few.

The EPIE academic community has expertise in single-subject design, a range of qualitative methodologies, randomised controlled trials and large-scale survey designs. They have long-standing partnerships with numerous local and international partners including industry and government organisations.


Prof Andrea Reupert is a Professor at Monash University, Clayton and Director of Psychological Programs at the Krongold Clinic. Prof Reupert’s research interests include; Parental mental health and outcomes for children; Developing effective support structures and interventions for families living with adversity; Whole school approaches to social and emotional wellbeing and classroom management programs.

Andrea’s area of expertise is in the area of families living with adversity, especially those where a parent has a mental illness. Working in collaboration with parents and youth, Andrea has established an active program of research regarding evidence-based interventions for families and professional development materials for clinicians.

In 2019 she was the co-recipient of the Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research award at the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Services Network and in 2016 was the winner of the British Medical Association President's prize for the edited book, Parental Psychiatric Disorder. Andrea was the scientific chair for the It Takes a Village conference in Oslo, 2019 and in 2017, was an assigned mentor for the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Research Institute.  Andrea was one of the initiators of the Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide collaborative, which meets every two years in Prato, Italy.  The collaborative brings together researchers from around the world to exponentially advance the parental mental health research agenda.  Her leadership in this collaborative has involved mentoring current and future research leaders in Australia, North America, Norway, Thailand, the Netherlands, the UK and Finland.

Prof Reupert currently collaborates with MARC members on the following projects:

Student solutions to rebuilding belonging in schools post COVID-19: An Appreciative Inquiry

MARC Co-investigator: Dr Christine Grove (EPIE)


Dr Christine Grove is a senior lecturer and researcher in the EPIE academic community. She works collaboratively with health care professionals, teachers, parents and young people to support the individual and unique needs of youth. Her research interests lie in engaging with the young person’s perspective and experience. As a psychologist she has worked in schools, hospitals and in private practice in various supporting roles with young people and their families. Alongside clinical practice she lectures in inclusive education and psychology and supervise research students within this area. Underlying her research interest is her passion for supporting the needs of all students in the best ways possible through their active participation and agency.

Dr Grove was awarded the Deans Early Career Researcher Award to develop and pilot an artificial intelligence technology application, known as a Chatbot, to support the mental health of youth. She gave a presentation on ChatBot at the MARC 2019 Symposium which described ‘Ash’ the AI bot application and its discussions with adolescents about mental health.

Currently Dr Grove collaborates with two international research groups. One group aims to develop an international scale of recovery and mental health knowledge of youth with colleagues based in the USA, Netherlands and in Australia. She is also the group co-leader of the Child, Parent and Family Mental Health Worldwide Network Communications Group focused on translating and disseminating research knowledge where families have a parent with mental illness.

Dr Grove currently collaborates with MARC members on the following projects:

Student solutions to rebuilding belonging in schools post COVID-19: An Appreciative Inquiry

MARC Co-investigator: Prof Andrea Reupert (EPIE)

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