Tutoring in PTA

If   you have a passion for medical education, have a medical qualification   and are interested in being a tutor within the Patient Teaching   Associate program then please forward a copy of your CV to the PTA   program coordinator (pta.ehcs@monash.edu).

You   will need to be available a few times a semester on a Friday afternoon   between 1:15pm and 4:00pm (i.e., you will not be asked to tutor every   week). The PTA program is held   in the Clinical Consultation Rooms, Eastern Health Clinical School,   level 1 (ground floor), 5 Arnold St, Box Hill, opposite the new Box Hill   Hospital.

University or Eastern Health staff participate as part of their appointment. Part time or private practitioners can be paid for a 3 hour session at the university tutoring rate (Monash SAP wage code 2089). Car parking is provided.

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