3D3M Program

Eastern Health Clinical School (EHCS) runs and intergrated 3rd year program for medical students from Monash University completing their MBBS and medical students from Deakin University completing their BMBS.

The learning activities in 3rd year involve a higher proportion of classroom teaching combined with rotations than subsequent years.  Students are assigned to six rotations in 3rd year during which they gain clinical experience in wards, clinics, theatres and other procedural and investigation areas. 

Monash students have a mix of rotations in Medicine, Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine - spending one semester based at Box Hill Hospital and the other based at Maroondah Hospital with some students spending one rotation at Angliss Hospital.   Deakin students have these rotations at Maroondah Hospital in one semester and are based at Box Hill Hospital in the other semester for rotations in Women’s, Children’s and Mental Health (in conjunction with Monash 4th year students).

A typical week of teaching for a 3D3M student is:
- Medical and Surgical Bedside tutorials
- Small group specialty tutorials
- PBL sessions
- Theme Teaching
- Clinical Skills