4D5M Program

The final year rotations at EHCS (4th year Deakin and 5th year Monash) give students a unique opportunity to 'learn on the job' and experience life on the ward as part of a clinical team. Eastern Health gives you excellent potential for close contact with medical staff at intern, resident, registrar and consultation level in.

The Deakin and Monash programs run slightly different, Deakin students continue their attachment to Eastern Health in their 4th year while rotations for 5th year Monash students are allocated by Monash faculty and students may have one of more rotations at Eastern Health.

For Deakin and Monash students, Emergency Department rotations may be based at Box Hill, Maroondah or Angliss hospitals, while Aged Care rotations (which for Deakin students includes Rehabilitation and Palliative Care) are variously based at Angliss hospital, Box Hill hospital, Peter James Centre and Wantirna Health. General Practice rotations for Deakin students occur in first semester and are coordinated by MSP with associated tutorials and clinical skills sessions based at Eastern Health, Monash students complete their GP rotation while in their 4th year. Medical and Surgical rotations for Deakin and Monash students occur at either Box Hill or Maroondah Hospital.

Monash students may undertake a selective specialty rotation in Medicine or Surgery at Box Hill Hospital, Maroondah Hospital or in an affiliated EHCS ambulatory setting.