What Breath Tests Are Available?

The figure below outlines what types of Hydrogen/Methane Breath Tests we conduct here at Box Hill

lactulose diagram

Fructose Malabsorption

Most people absorb fructose, but around 30-40% of healthy individuals and individuals who suffer from IBS, malabsorb excess fructose. Excess fructose is found in Fruit, honey and juices.


Sorbitol Malabsorption

Sorbitol is malabsorbed in some individuals and is most commonly found in some fruits and in artificial sweeteners.


Lactose Malabsorption

The malabsorption of Lactose will occur if you are deficient in the enzyme Lactase. The levels of the Lactast enzyme vary depending on factors such as ethnicity and also the presence of certain gut disorders. Lactose is commonly found in milk and some milk products


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