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  • The patient does not need to have a referral to complete the sugar malabsorption and proximal bacterial overgrowth hydrogen/methane breath testing. We will only ask for a referral slip if the patient requires the results to be sent to their practitioner upon completion of all required tests, or to ascertain which tests the practitioner requires the patient to complete.
  • All results can take up to 10 Working days.

We have our patients follow a strict diet low in poorly absorbed, fermentable carbohydrates (also known as ‘FODMAPs’) the day before each test as well as fast.

After this they must begin each test with a low baseline hydrogen reading. We do this to best eliminate any confounding dietary factors and to make our breath tests more accurate. If the patient does not begin with a low baseline hydrogen breath reading we can not continue with the test and will assess if the patient has followed the diet strictly.

If the patient informs us that they have followed the diet strictly we have the patient to come back in again after following the diet for two days before each test and in majority of cases this eliminates the problem.

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