About the project

Monash University is providing free face-to-face PPE training to Victoria’s aged care facilities (RACFs) in partnership with the Victorian Government to assist in COVID-19 outbreak prevention. As phase 1 of the project, we provided a rapid response with targeted RACFs.

We are now welcoming bookings from all RACFs across Victoria without any current cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) among their staff and residents. If your RACF is experiencing an outbreak, please contact the DHHS for appropriate support from their outbreak response teams.

Our aim is to create resilient RACFs.

In order to achieve this, we will:

  1. Build on existing online education resources (which you can start now)
  2. Provide a comprehensive, free 1.5 hour face-to-face training session to any RACF who opts in (if your RACF is in outbreak, we will need to postpone the session until the DHHS outbreak teams have helped you to resolve the outbreak)
  3. Provide the training to attendees as nominated by the RACF, from any role within the facility.
  4. Ask each RACF to nominate up to two 'champions'. We will work closely with these champions for an additional 30 minutes at the end of the group training session, empower them with training materials and give them ongoing email support for all of 2020 so that they can be confident to upskill other staff at your facility.
  5. We will provide up to 20 members of your staff per session with a licence for an online interactive follow-up program that will combine virtual reality and artificial intelligence so that staff can consolidate their knowledge in the days, weeks and months following the training. We will update the program regularly so that you are practicing with current advice.