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Cynthia Mehboob - Senior Project Coordinator for Monash Hands on Health

‘Tens of thousands of underrepresented Australian students, especially those from indigenous and refugee backgrounds, through no fault of their own, miss out on accessing quality education and training. This gap is caused by financial challenges, isolation, unawareness, and loss of support networks – these have an enormous influence on these students’ ability to participate in tertiary education and training. As a community engagement practitioner, my goal is to narrow that gap.

I initiate community engagement strategies for enhancing underrepresented students’ participation in health sciences, assist them in making informed career choices that would translate into economic empowerment, and design effective experiential learning courses to help them realise the true depth of their potentials. After eight years of working at the intersection of education advocacy, strategy and community organising, I am skilled at the art and science of creating an ecosystem for multiple stakeholders, including governmental agencies, corporations, local organisations, and students to collaborate for collective good.

Having already worked on a wide range of collaborative projects for education advocacy in countries like Pakistan and Malaysia, I  believe I have made significant progress towards molding Monash Hands on Health into a platform that can align the synergies of various stakeholders in helping create a diverse healthcare workforce that will be representative of the populations and peoples that it serves.

Reach me at if you want to understand access pathways into Medicine and Health Sciences courses at Monash University, discuss program collaborations, talk about Ben Platt’s musical genius, plot twists in Harry Potter or ideas that will change our world.‘

Peggy Swindle - Indigenous Academic Engagement Coordinator

‘I am proud Wiradjuri with ties to East and South-East Victorian communities.  I first engaged with Monash University as an Indigenous pathway student before undertaking a traineeship with the University in 1999. Ever curious, I took opportunities to expand across teams and institutes and developed a unique expertise in a broad spectrum of tertiary student administration and support services roles.

For most of the past 10 years, this experience and knowledge has been directed towards developing and supporting access and engagement, specifically supporting Indigenous students applying and being successful in their chosen studies.
I can be contacted at if you want to learn more about entry into Monash Health Sciences courses.’

In memoriam : Julia Watts

Hands on health acknowledges the significant efforts of Julia Watts in the development of the Hands on Health program. Julia's hard work, vivacity and passion contributed greatly to the program’s success today.