The program

Monash Hands on Health

Monash Hands on Health Participants from Bairnsdale Secondary College at Monash Rural Health East & South
Gippsland- 20th and 21st of May-2019

Monash University has a long standing commitment to widening education participation for students from underrepresented backgrounds. Hands on Health is a project aimed at achieving just that. At hands on health, we are committed to creating a future healthcare workforce that better reflects the society and the communities it serves.

Run by the Gukwonderuk Indigenous Engagement Unit based at the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Hands on Health is a program dedicated to improving access to health education and retention of Year 9 to 12 students who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders or come from refugee, rural and low-income backgrounds. The program gives students hands-on experience of careers in the healthcare industry and fosters aspirations to tertiary education and the healthcare industry. We work in partnership with schools and communities through a wide range of outreach, admissions and support programs. Over the past decade, Hands on Health has helped hundreds of students in realising their potential, increased their aspirations and improved access to post-school study.

The Aims of the Program include

-Increasing Victorian school students' engagement in learning and participation in Health Related Tertiary Courses

-To help develop students' knowledge, skills and educational attainment in the field of health

-To enhance students' awareness of post school education opportunities

-To promote the benefits of lifelong learning and life opportunities to students and their families

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