Discovery Program

Year 10- Hands on Health Discovery Program

Monash Hands-on Health Discover Program is a unique two days educational  program that aims to help students from underrepresented backgrounds realise their interests and potentials.

Applications for Hands on Health are now open for 2020. The program will run on the following dates:

(Please note that dates are subject to change)

School Term 1 18th and 19th of February

3rd and 4th of March

17th and 18th of March

24th and 25th of March
School Term 2 21st and 22nd of April

5th and 6th of May

19th and 20th of May

2nd and 3rd of June
School Term 3 21st and 22nd of July

4th and 5th of August

18th and 19th of August

2nd and 3rd of September
School Term 4 13th and 14th of October

27th and 28th of October

4th and 5th of November

18th and 19th of November

Applications for Round 1 of the program (with dates in School Term 1 and Term 2) are now closed.
Applications for Round 2 of our program (with dates in School Term 3 and 4) are now open.
Application form is available on the following link. (click here)

Key Dates:

Applications Open : 25th of February
Applications Close : 8th of April
Offers Released by: 27th of April

How to Apply?

Please use this link to fill out and submit your application forms.
Please ensure you meet the program’s eligibility criteria before you apply.

Please note:
Monash Hands on Health 2020 is a two days  work experience program.
The program invites a lot of interest from students from all across Victoria and as a result we cannot guarantee all applicants a place. Properly filled in application forms help us choose the best candidates for the program. Please ensure you fill in the application form accurately.