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Annual Road to Medicine UCAT Information Webinar
6 May 2020 at 5pm

Join us for a two hours webinar to learn about the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT), the admissions test used by universities in Australia for medical courses. The webinar will run on the 6th of May at 5pm in collaboration with our not-for-profit education partner Embrace Education. All participants will be provided with UCAT information handbooks designed by Embrace Education.  
The webinar is an opportunity for you to meet and interact with our current medicine students and learn tips and techniques that helped them get into Monash’s medicine program. Register with us and get an opportunity to navigate all pathways of getting into a medicine program at Monash University, and learn more about alternative pathways into medicine.

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Please note:

All webinar attendees are to adhere to Monash University’s Acceptable Information Technology Use Agreement.

For more information, contact Monash Hands on Health at