Students practising Venipuncture at the Box Hill Hospital-July 2019

Hands on health programs have been designed to engage with under-represented communities in the health professions. Each year, hundreds of students apply to the program, however the places available are limited and are allocated to students who fulfill at least one of the below mentioned eligibilities criteria. Application to participate in Hands on Health programs will consider whether students:

  1. are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  2. are currently seeking asylum or are from a recent refugee background
  3. come from a family of newly arrived immigrants
  4. have no one in the family that has attended university
  5. are attending an Access Monash Partner School
  6. are considering studying health at university
  7. are a Year 10 student

Note to Career Coordinators: Please note that students selecting criteria 6 and 7 only meet the bare minimum requirements, which will have a bearing on the selection process.