Health Discovery Incursion

Year 9- Hands on Health Discovery Incursion

Monash Hands on Health offers the opportunity for Year 9 career coordinators to invite our team to visit their school for a health incursion. Hands on Health incursions are designed to give students a glimpse of what it is like to study medicine, nursing and other allied health sciences. This one hour incursion will include hearing from Monash health sciences students about their experiences. Students from the participant school will have a chance to ask questions to get help with their school subject selection and studying health science courses. The Discovery Incursion also includes

  • a practical session where students investigate anatomy models and practice clinical skills.
  • brief information about pathways into a Monash medicine and health sciences program.

To express interest in the program, apply now. Please note that this form has to be filled in by a Careers Coordinator/Teacher. Students are not allowed to fill in this form. Please use your institutional email address to apply.