Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership

Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership (AWHL) is a $5 million national initiative led by Monash University and based at the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI).

AWHLProfessor Helena Teede is the Chief Investigator of this large-scale research and impact project that is supported by two NHMRC Partnership Project Grants and contributions from 21 partners, including the Australian Medical Association, Epworth HealthCare and Monash Health.

It was first funded by the NHMRC in 2019 with nine partners, and has grown to  21 partners across professional, medical and nursing colleges, industrial bodies, leading health services, government and academia.

Together in co-design with partners, AWHL is generating a knowledge base and delivering multi-faceted organisational and individual level interventions that measurably improve career progression for women in healthcare, deliver gender equity and improve health outcomes.

The initiative also includes an embedded national Women in Leadership Scholarship Program with 30 women, many in rural areas, given an opportunity to attend Monash’s Women in Leadership Program in 2023 to transform careers and improve the care of our most underserved populations.

Our publications and resources are on the  AWHL website.

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