Who we are and what we do

Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education (MCSHE) is a Faculty-wide Centre situated within the education portfolio of the Deputy Dean for Education, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (FMNHS).  We have a team of core and affiliate staff whose mission is to improve the quality of health education at the FMNHS and beyond, through scholarship.

Our strategic objectives

The key over-arching strategic objective for MCSHE 2017-2021 will be to increase its visibility and reputation locally, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we have another 21 strategic objectives linked to different elements of scholarship: that is, scholarship of discovery, scholarship of integration, scholarship of application, and scholarship of teaching.

Drawing on Boyer’s (1990) conceptions of scholarship, we will facilitate the quality improvement of health education through:

  • Scholarship of discovery (e.g. excellent educational research)
  • Scholarship of integration (e.g. high quality interdisciplinary collaboration)
  • Scholarship of application (e.g. translation of research findings back into educational practice/policy)
  • Scholarship of teaching (e.g. good quality, research-informed teaching and teaching that better informs educational research)

Our vision is to create an internationally recognised world-class Centre of excellence in the scholarship of health education to improve health education locally, nationally and internationally. By the end of 2021, MCSHE hopes to be the leading centre for scholarship in health education in the Asia-Pacific region, plus one of the top five centres worldwide.

The values underpinning the MCSHE are consistent with those expressed in the Monash University Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and the FMNHS ‘Values, vision and strategic goals’:

  • Connection: Embracing diverse perspectives and working to build collaboration and partnerships
  • Openness: Seeking new ideas and opportunities, sharing knowledge and resources widely, and building resilience to overcome times of uncertainty
  • Making a difference: Acting inclusively and responsively, and orienting research and education to the betterment of society
  • Excellence: Being excellent in all activities, continuously striving to improve performance
  • Integrity: Acting ethically, fairly and transparently, with respect and generosity of spirit

The staff at MCSHE are the key to achieving our vision and mission and upholding our values. MCSHE presents a hub-and-spokes centre model for health professions education scholarship. Our core team are located centrally within the largest faculty at Monash: the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (FMNHS). We have affiliate members from across the many and diverse schools and departments of FMNHS, as well as membership from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Affiliates represent MCSHE at their respective schools and departments and represent their schools and departments within MCSHE, making us uniquely and maximally interprofessional. For more details click here.

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