Director's message

"We have huge opportunities to work together across the healthcare professions to improve education through scholarship"

Charlotte Rees Sidhu

Director, Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education, Professor Charlotte Rees

Even with the best healthcare therapeutics, procedures, and technologies in the world, such interventions are only maximised in the hands of optimally prepared healthcare practitioners and teams who have the right knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and practices.

Optimally educated healthcare students, practitioners and teams are central to safe and effective patient care.  And it is for this reason that the new Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education (MCSHE) aims to improve the quality of health professions education through scholarship, not only at Monash, but also nationally and internationally.

MCSHE brings together educational scholars from across the Monash Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (FMNHS), from across Monash University, other Universities (both home and overseas), and industry partners.  We are committed to improving healthcare education through: scholarship of discovery (high quality research), integration (high quality collaboration), application (continuous translation of research findings back into policy and practice), and teaching (research-informed teaching and teaching that informs research).

We are fortunate to have a vast range of diverse healthcare professions represented within FMNHS at Monash, allowing for exciting opportunities for interprofessional and interdisciplinary working, leading to cross-fertilisation of ideas and innovations in health professions education and educational research.  Underpinned by the Monash University values of discovery, ambition, respect, openness and service, please do get in touch with us if you want to be part of a coordinated effort to improve health professions education through scholarship.

Best wishes, Charlotte

Professor Charlotte Rees
Director, Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education