David Brewster

David is a PhD candidate in MCSHE and the Director of Medical Education and Clinical Dean at Cabrini Hospital whilst also working as the Deputy Director of the Intensive Care Unit. David’s research aims to enhance the understanding of leadership within intensive care medicine (ICM). It aims to explore the inter-professional team members' understandings of team leadership, their leadership experiences and the perceived facilitators and barriers to leadership within ICM. This project will include a synthesis of the leadership literature within ICM and focus group discussions with staff from multiple intensive care units. The differences in leadership emergence will be further explored using video-reflexive ethnography (VRE) within ICM teams in two contexts: high acuity emergent situations and low acuity clinical encounters

David’s supervisor is Professor Charlotte Rees, with co-supervision from adjunct Professor Warwick Butt (Monash University), Professor Rick Iedema (London) and Dr Lisi Gordon (Scotland).