Health Education Research Networks

The new research focus for MCSHE on 2020 was to establish six health education research networks based on the priority themes identified from the health education research priority setting exercise.

The overarching purpose of the research networks is to develop collaborations across MNHS and Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to lead high quality health education research outcomes and impacts.

Each network will have a leader and members who can meaningfully contribute to achieve high quality education research outcomes for the network. The network leaders have been selected from a competitive process and we are excited to have each of these talented researchers leading their respective networks.

Health Education Research Network Launch Video

The Health Education Research Networks were launched on the 31st March 2021 followed by a panel discussion. A recording of the pre launch invitational video is available below.

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions, if you have any other questions about the networks or are interested in joining a network please contact the network leaders directly or email MCSHE.

The research networks and leaders are:

Fiona Kent

Development of Collaborative Practice

This research network is exploring the formal and informal education processes involved in preparing graduates for collaborative practice.

Prof. Karen Adams

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce development

Research for this network has two focuses:
  • Developing health professionals skilled in anti-racism and cultural safety.
  • Addressing inequitable access to the health professions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Assoc. Prof. Gabrielle Brand

Preparation for work

This research network will explore, develop and infuse future focused education to ensure we prepare our healthcare and science graduates with key capabilities to navigate and respond to an ever changing health care environment.

Dr Shane Pritchard

Pedagogical effectiveness

This research network explores the effectiveness and evaluation of various teaching and assessment approaches for health professional education. Contemporary priorities include the role of simulation, cost-effectiveness, and ways to improve curriculum, feedback, and assessment approaches.

Assoc. Prof. Michelle Lazarus

Curriculum integration

As we uncover new evidence and identify effective innovations, this research network will explore how to integrate these broad ideas into practical applications across different disciplines, fields, and units throughout the faculty in a manner that is evidence-based and appropriately "flavoured" and purpose-built for a given educational context.

Assoc. Prof. Julia Choate

Workforce issues

This research network will explore how we recruit and value educators, with a focus on supporting resiliency and well-being. It will also examine how students can be selected to reflect healthcare needs and factors that influence students’ career choices.