Educational research seminars

The MCSHE Seminar Series provides a platform for sharing innovative health professions education research. Seminars are held monthly, local and international educational researchers are invited to share their scholarly work. This series includes webinars, micro-conference events (in collaboration with the University of Sydney) and methodological workshops. Through these seminars and workshops our aim is to improve the scholarship of health professions educational research in the Monash University FMNHS community. Throughout 2021 we will be providing access to these events by ZOOM video-conferencing .

Health Education Research Micro-Conferences

A series of education research micro-conferences via Zoom presented to you in collaboration with Sydney Health Education Research Network

Program of events 2021:

  • Effectiveness of CPD, Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 12-1pm
  • Preparing the future workforce for practice, Tuesday 3rd August 1-2pm
  • Impact of innovations in professionalism curriculum, October 2021 (Date TBC)
  • Innovations in education design, November 2021 (Date TBC)

June Micro-Conference – Effectiveness of Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Wednesday 23rd June at 12 noon

  • Carol Pizzuti
    • Using electronic health data to design personalized Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for Australasian Medical Practitioners
  • Jon Foo
    • Continuous professional development (CPD) improves appropriate physician referrals: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Van Nguyen
    • To what extent does an extended-duration supervision training intervention work (or fail to work), for whom and in what contexts, and how?
  • Monica Hughes & Jennifer Davids
    • The Development and Usability study of the WSLHD Multidisciplinary Professional Standards for Health Profession Educators

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2020 recordings

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Recordings of recent seminars

Dr Van Nguyen, Monash University, 26th August 2020

Professor Rachel Ellaway, University of Calgary, 14th July 2020
Moral agency in health professional education scholarship

Professor Gill Westhorpe, Charles Darwin University, 15th June 2020
Designing realist evaluations in health education: key principles

Professor Jane Wilkinson, Monash University, 14th May 2020

Professor Amanda Berry, Monash University, 12th March 2020

Associate Professor Caroline Wright, Monash University, 18th February 2020

Dr. Kayley LyonsMonash University, 26th November 2019

Assoc. Prof. Anna Ryan, University of Melbourne, 7th October 2019

Dr. Brian CoffeyRMIT, 19th September 2019