Seminar series

The MCSHE Seminar Series provides a platform for sharing innovative health professions education research. Seminars are held monthly, local and international educational researchers are invited to share their scholarly work. This series includes (at least) twice yearly methodological workshops. Through these seminars and workshops our aim is to improve the scholarship of HPER in the Monash University FMNHS community. We welcome attendees to our Clayton campus, but also provide ZOOM video-conferencing for those who are unable to make it in person.

Upcoming seminars

Seminar: How to herd cats: Drawing on research to tackle the wicked problem of curriculum framework implementation

Prof. Karen Adams, Monash University

Wednesday 17th July,1–2:30pm

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Seminar: Education and research across professional groups: Legitimate collaboration in design, delivery and evaluation

Dr. Fiona Kent, Monash University

Monday 5th August,1–2:30pm

Seminar: Application of policy analysis in health education research
Workshop: Policy analysis: An untapped methodological approach in health education research

Dr. Brian Coffey & Assoc. Prof. Claire Palermo, RMIT & Monash University

Thursday 19th September, 1–4:30pm

Seminar:  Relationships, business, culture and ideology: Chiropractic student experiences of professionalism

Assoc. Prof. Anna Ryan, University of Melbourne

Monday 7th October, 1–2:30pm

Seminar: The who’s-what’s-why’s of priority setting in healthcare professions education research

Prof. Lynn Monrouxe, University of Sydney

Friday 1st November, 1–2:30pm

Seminar: Design-based research: Creating a research trajectory to tackle problems in health professions education

Dr. Kayley Lyons, Monash University

Tuesday, 26th November,1–2:30pm

Recordings of past seminars 

Dr Mahbub Sarkar, Monash University, 12th June 2019

Assoc. Prof Gabrielle Brand, Monash University, 15th May 2019

Prof. Dragan Ilic, Monash University, 16th April 2019

Dr Lisi Gordon, University of St Andrews, UK, 14th March 2019

Elizabeth Yuriev, Monash University, 18th February 2019

Dr Lara Varpio, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, 5th July 2018
Tackling the Wicked Problems of Medical and Health Professions Education

Assoc. Prof. Claire Palermo, Monash University, 30th May 2018
Setting priorities for health science and health professions education research

Dr Christy Noble, Gold Coast University Hospital, 2nd May 2018
Learning through acute healthcare practice: lessons from pharmacists and doctors co-working

Dr Olivia King, Monash University, 12th March 2018