Monash University

Monash University affiliated clinicians from the following hospitals:
The Alfred Hospital (Alfred Health)
Monash Medical Centre (Southern Health)
Box Hill Hospital (Eastern Health)
Frankston Hospital (Peninsula Health)
Cabrini Hospital (Cabrini Health)
Industry partners include Deloitte, Smart Health, Attend Anywhere, and Riskman International™, all providers of proven eHealth solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Members of this collaboration have worked together on previous programs including several of those that will be leveraged to add value to this program
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Deloitte is a global company and in Australia, Deloitte has 12 offices, over 400 partners and a team of over 4,500 staff who provide audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to public and private clients across the country. This means that Deloitte has a substantial capacity reserve and the ability to deliver large scale projects in all states across Australia

Deloitte is the largest Health consulting practice in the world with access to international experts in health service operating delivery models. Deloitte’s presence in the global Life Sciences and Health Care (LSHC) Industry comprises more than 4,800 professionals in 50 member firms around the world. In the recent Healthcare Consulting Marketplace 2009-2012 report by Kennedy, Deloitte was rated the largest health consulting practice in the world. The report quoted that:

"Deloitte brings deep and broad capabilities to healthcare clients; its balance of financial, technical, and industry consultants allow the firm to respond to more complex and comprehensive engagements."

Deloitte has a track record of providing high quality health consulting services and advice at all levels. At a national level, this is evidenced by our delivery of the National eHealth Strategy. Deloitte is considered a leader across the eHealth continuum having delivered a range of other eHealth engagements including the Tasmanian eHealth Strategy, the Department of Human Services (Vic) ICT strategy, the NEHTA eHealth Profile Study, the NEHTA Shared EHR Costing Study, the NEHTA IHI operations review and the Queensland Health eHealth Strategy to name a few

Deloitte has a deep understanding of health service policy, planning, resourcing and performance dimensions including access and equity issues which includes population group considerations. .

Deloitte understands that clinical engagement can present a number challenges from the practical aspect of scheduling time to consult to managing the diverse views that are driven by differences in clinical practice. Deloitte has substantial experience in engaging with clinicians and has adopted a practical approach to consultation.

The Deloitte offering is a very unique proposition that leverages off its own capability and capacity to deliver on projects complemented by the number of experts that have comprehensive experience in project management in the health sector. The Deloitte team has a proven track record of success on delivering complex and innovative projects.

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Smart Health Solutions

Smart Health is a health information technology provider that specialises in secure cloud-based eHealth solutions.  Our solutions are focused on shared care and managed health programs, including outpatient and ambulatory care (chronic disease), shared Electronic Health Records (EHR), repository solutions, conformance with the national PCEHR program and reporting databases and solutions.  Smart Health is an innovator and pioneer in Australian eHealth solutions.

Smart Health was established in 2000 and has collaborated with public and private healthcare clinicians in several Australian states to develop and deploy innovative eHealth solutions.  Our chronic disease management modules support a range of diseases, including diabetes, respiratory diseases, kidney disease, infectious diseases (including HIV and Hepatitis) and cancer.  Our solutions provide clinical teams with point of care clinical information management and databases for reporting, research and populating disease registries.

Smart Health delivers end-to-end eHealth projects, from project conception, planning, development of business requirements and specifications through to development, testing, implementation, integration and support.  All software development, customisation and testing is carried out by our expert Australian team.

Smart Health works closely with expert clinical teams to develop our health information management solutions.  Through these collaborations, Smart Health has developed a sound understanding of healthcare delivery, the importance of health information management and the difficulties of managing change particularly the transition from paper to electronic health information systems.

Smart Health’s secure cloud-based eHealth solutions are delivered as fully maintained software services, including maintenance, support and periodic application upgrades.  Our solutions do not require local hardware or software infrastructure and require only minimal local support. Our commercial model is based on monthly software service subscription fees; there are no up-front licence fees or maintenance and support fees.

Smart Health brings long-term, hands-on eHealth experience to healthcare programs, minimising risk and delivering outstanding value to our clients.

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Riskman International

RiskMan International (RMI) is the leading provider of web based Incident and Risk Management systems for Healthcare in the Australasian region, with an extensive number of implementations that span thousands of individual locations across Australia, New Zealand and further abroad.   RiskMan.Net is built on a flexible framework that has facilitated constant advances in system functionality for over 12 years.  During these twelve years of service we have developed a concise and consistent methodology for providing RiskMan.Net to a broad range of services and organisations.

Every day a quarter of a million users across hundreds of organisations in Australia rely on RiskMan.Net to effectively manage risk and occupational health and safety within their organisation.

RiskMan International (RMI) has a demonstrated track record of implementing complex, large scale, department wide Incident & Risk Management systems, on time and on budget.  This speaks not only for the technical robustness of the RiskMan.Net system itself, but also for the versatility, technical capabilities and skill sets of the RMI team.   RiskMan.Net is ONE system for managing:

  • OH&S
  • Incidents
  • Workplace Claims
  • Complaints
  • Risk Registers
  • Quality Activities
  • Investigations
  • ISO Standards
  • Audits
  • Expenses
  • Contracts
  • Legals
  • Plus anything else you need to monitor and manage…

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Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere Pty Ltd is an Australian company with a long history of enabling remote access to health care at a broad system level.

We provide management services and expertise focused on extending existing paradigms and patient pathways to include the option of video consulting.

Our strength is integrating video consulting at a broad system level, in a way that mirrors the complex and wide-ranging nature of health care and the numerous access options / modes that exist. We assume people already have access to some sort of video technology, in the same way they have access to different forms of transport when attending physical appointments.

We focus on how consumers initiate planned or unplanned health encounters, how they access services, how multiple health care providers are incorporated into the care and how people are moved through the system as they are today, except using video instead of physical transport.

Attend Anywhere has an internal software capability that has evolved since 2001 in support of our work. The web based software ensures people get into the right video call, at the right time, with the right provider(s), in the right manner and with the right information.

Consumers access scheduled appointments or on-demand services via the service providers web site, without the need to login or have an account. At the back end service providers can see who is in an appointment or a 'waiting room' and can choose who to see first or who to transfer to another service.

The Attend Anywhere video consulting integration capability is not available as a standalone product.

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