Partners in the Monash Alliance have proven records in delivering eHealth solutions, including existing Wave 2 PCEHR programs and programs funded by state and Commonwealth agencies.

Victorian Department of Health - Cystic Fibrosis Telehealth Funding

The Victorian Department of Health has announced funding of $450k to the Alfred Health Cystic Fibrosis Service to continue to develop and deploy an integrated telehealth and EHR solution to support patients at regional and rural healthcare practices, as well as in their homes.

Digital Regions Initiative – Clinicians Online

The Department of Health (Victoria) and Monash Alliance/Alfred Health are being supported by the DBCDE to develop a $4m regional chronic care program, capable of accessing high-capacity broadband. This is highly complementary to the PCEHR program, with vital investment in national broadband infrastructure and healthcare content over high-speed internet.

Managed Health Network Grant

The Department of Health and Ageing has previously provided grant funding for a Victorian Cystic Fibrosis Solution, one of the key chronic disease management programs that underpins this submission. This program has received a positive evaluation by the Department.

PCEHR Lead Site Funding

Technology partners in this submission are lead technology providers to Wave 2 PCEHR lead sites and have been funded to develop interoperable solutions and to implement support for the national PCEHR program, providing Monash Alliance and the State with a valuable opportunity to leverage that investment.

The Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local has been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing to provide support for the Primary Care EHealth Network PCEHR lead site. The Victorian Department of Health has also been funded by NeHTA to undertake a project providing acute sector support to PCEN through the exchange of nationally standard information and access to shared health summaries.

Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS)

One of the Monash Alliance partners has been selected to plan (Phase One completed) and then develop and implement (contract details are being finalised) an integrated eHealth solution for SMICS. This is an integrated management service for patients with cancer that provides services across four of the health networks that are participating in this proposal:

  • Peninsula Health
  • Southern Health
  • Cabrini Health
  • Alfred Health

The SMICS program is a microcosm of an integrated Victorian eHealth solution for patients with chronic disease (including a major private healthcare services provider) and also of the broader PCEHR model (including the requirement for cross-practice, cross-sector collaborative access to patient clinical records and clinician management).

National E Health Transition Authority

Funding to conduct a baseline evaluation of awareness and attitudes to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR). 600 patients and 600 staff across the five Monash University affiliated hospitals were surveyed on their current information exchange practices and opinions.

Additionally, funding was provided to audit a subset of medical records (n=200) to evaluate accuracy of recording of medication allergies and drug related events, in medical records and pharmacy databases. Additional data analysis included examination of WHO-ICD-10 data and Riskman reporting information.