Deep End Living Lab: better support for healthy ageing in homeless populations


Screen routine health care records from the Healthy Ageing Data Platform for markers of homelessness, learn from their lived experience, and co-design solutions to improve their ageing and health experience.

Did you know?

People who are homeless have less opportunity to age healthily. They have much lower life-expectancy and greater rates of chronic disease than the rest of the community.

Frankston has over 400 homeless people with a high number of rough sleepers.

About the research

  • Our focus is on increasing support for people experiencing homelessness or unstable housing on the Mornington-Peninsula.
  • Using Intervention Mapping and the Healthy Ageing Data Platform - supplemented with lived experience from patients - we will focus on screening for homelessness plus service navigation and integration.
  • Our work will start the community conversation about reducing this inequity in ageing. We will look at health and social service integration, as well as screening for unstable housing within healthcare settings.
  • The project builds from the international "deep end" movement from Scotland which focuses advocacy and research on the most disadvantaged communities to improve health and social care.
  • We will work closely with our community partners as well as patients with lived experience, to ensure our pragmatic responses are rooted in community expertise and knowledge.


  • Liz Sturgiss (Monash University)
  • Suzi Neilsen (Monash University)
  • Helen Skouteris (Monash University)
  • Terry Haines (Monash University)
  • David Blane (University of Glasgow)
  • Iain Edwards (Peninsula Health)
  • Taya Collyer - Data Stream Lead (Monash University)
  • Philip Mendes (Monash University)
  • Claire Blewitt (Monash University)
  • Nilakshi Gunatillaka - Project Manager (Monash University)


  • VCOSS - Victorian Council of Social Service
  • FMPPCP - Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership
  • Council to Homeless Persons