Monash Imaging research in bone trauma receives top award

Monash Imaging radiology registrar Dr Aaron J Wong was recognised for his clinical research in bone trauma, receiving the top award at The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANCZR) Victorian branch trainee presentation event last week.

Dr Wong’s research presentation on the “Efficacy of Dual Energy CT Bone Oedema Detection in Suspected Fractures,” highlighted an advanced imaging technique for improving the diagnosis of subtle and occult fractures which are sometimes not detected with standard X-ray radiographs.

Dr Wong said that bone oedema, also known as bone bruising, is commonly associated with trauma, but previously only seen on MRI.

“Dual energy CT is a new form of CT imaging that uses two different spectra of X-rays at different energy levels,” Dr Wong said.
“It enables removal of the calcium signal in bone through image post-processing software, such that bone oedema appears conspicuous.”
Dr Wong’s research demonstrated that in patients who have sustained recent trauma, experience ongoing pain, and have no definite fracture on X-ray, this new, dual energy CT technique will help ensure that a bone injury is not missed.
“Although this feature is only available on newer scanners, like the Siemens Somatom Force CT at Dandenong Hospital, it does not require any additional radiation or scan time,” Dr Wong said.
“The information can be obtained quickly, helping doctors make the correct diagnosis in a timely manner.”
Head of CT and Head of Thoracic Imaging at Monash Health, Professor Ken Lau said Dr Wong’s findings confirm the clinical importance of this CT technique, which could transform future fracture imaging pathways.
“Monash Imaging is proud of Dr Wong’s success, as the Award recognizes the hard work and dedication needed in research,” Professor Lau said. 
Dr Wong will represent Victoria at the RANZCR ASM 'Branch of origin' research presentation in Perth in October. Monash Imaging registrars have won the top award at the annual RANZCR (VIC) Trainee Presentation Event for the past 3 years. 
Dr Wong acknowledges the ongoing support and guidance of his supervisor, Professor Kenneth Lau, and collaborators, Mr Peter Kutschera and Mr Beven Jong. He also thanks Director of Diagnostic Imaging, Professor Stephen Stuckey and Director of research, Professor Stacey Goergen, for promoting the research culture at Monash Imaging.