Suicide prevention app developed by Monash University a finalist in VicHealth Awards

Dr Glenn Melvin has been named a finalist in the 2017 VicHealth Awards for his development of the suicide prevention app, BeyondNow in collaboration with BeyondBlue.

BeyondNow is a convenient and confidential free app that supports people experiencing suicidal thoughts or who are heading towards a suicidal crisis.

“The app is designed to support people who struggle with thoughts of suicide. It provides a place to document coping strategies and support people so they can navigate through a crisis,” said Dr Melvin.

“I'm very pleased about the nomination and I hope that it provides BeyondNow with additional exposure and allows it to reach more people.”

Since its launch in March 2016, more than 33,000 people have downloaded the BeyondNow app and it has been adopted by a number of health networks, including Monash Health.

Dr Melvin said he is very excited about what the future might hold for this field.

“I believe smartphone apps have untapped potential in supporting and connecting people with the help that they need and I look forward to ongoing collaborations with beyondblue on BeyondNow,”
Winners will be announced on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at the VicHealth Awards Ceremony at Melbourne Museum.

In other news, Dr Melvin was recently recognised for his research efforts, receiving an academic promotion to Associate Professor effective January 2018.

A senior lecturer at the Centre for Development Psychology and Psychiatry (CDPP), Dr Melvin is also an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Warwick.

Dr Melvin’s research focuses on understanding high risk adolescent behaviours including suicide risk and school non-attendance.

“My aim is to develop and evaluate more effective methods of assessing these problems and intervening to reduce the impact on young people and their families during a sensitive developmental stage,” Dr Melvin said.

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