My Home Space launched

This month, the Department of Occupational Therapy’s Libby Callaway and Kate Tregloan (Architecture Dept, Monash Art Design and Architecture) officially launched ‘My Home Space’.

My Home Space is an online information resource for people interested in housing, technology, support and community design. It includes an interactive, online 3D virtual housing tool developed to translate National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) housing policy and other existing design guidelines into virtual housing spaces. Information in the virtual housing tours can be filtered by NDIS design categories (improved liveability, fully accessible, robust design, high physical support needs), housing type (apartment, villa, house, group home), and activity type (cooking, dressing, bathing, socialising).

My Home Space was delivered with a range of project partners as part of a two-year project funded within the second implementation plan of Australia’s National Disability Strategy. Findings from a national government housing roundtable run as part of the project were also published in the Australian Journal of Social Issues this month.

My Home Space is suitable for people with disability and their families, health professionals, designers, funders and other stakeholders interested in housing, technology and support design. Watch a video of a NDIS participant, using the My Home Space tool here.