EduRoam boosts regional student experience

Monash students doing clinical training placements at Victorian regional and rural hospitals who may have struggled to access the health service’s internet can now look forward to high-speed access as EduRoam is rolled out across Monash-affiliated services.

EduRoam is a global, secure, high-speed internet service for university students, researchers and staff available at the campuses of tertiary institutions. The education wifi service was launched at Bendigo hospital this week. Mildura has enjoyed the service for three years; and Traralgon, Warragul, Sale, Bairnsdale, Leongatha and Swan Hill will come online in the new few months.

Students on clinical placements will now be able to easily access online teaching, assessment, electronic logbooks and other learning resources with internet speeds equivalent to those available to their peers at major university campuses.

EduRoam is available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide in more than 100 countries. In Australia, 38 universities participate in EduRoam, as well as a number of research institutes, hospitals, schools and cultural organisations. The service is available to all tertiary students and staff, no matter their university affiliation simply by logging in with their institution’s credentials.